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Our mission is to never keep you from a Great Workout and accelerate your potential.

- Daniel Bergeron, CEO

A little history...

Gym Connex was created during the lock downs of Covid-19.  Like many others, we found ourselves struggling to find a way to continue our fitness lifestyle after the government shut down all of the local gyms.  A brief reopening of gyms, made us realize that the limited time allotted to attend our gym, combined with the lack of financial reprieve during the pandemic convinced us to cancel our memberships.

The hunt for gym equipment began with a quick purchase off of the internet.  Like everyone else, we were paying way too much for the items that we were buying. But we still needed to stay active; especially during the coming winter months, when we wouldn’t be so eager to go out in the cold for fitness.


Soon, we discovered that the space we had in our basement was not big enough to accommodate all of the equipment that we were purchasing.  The decision was made, after a suggestion from a friend, to transform our garage into a fitness space that we could enjoy.

As construction in the garage began, I found myself wondering if anyone in the community would be interested in sharing and trading garage gym time and space.  This birthed the idea to create a community within our local area and offer our garage out for rent.  The ideas of “Sharing” our gym and “Renting Out” our gym, immediately formed the plan to create a garage gym sharing community where owners could become Hosts that could rent out their garage gym space for a supplemental income.

Our Values

How we act upon our values and virtues define who we are. Members of our community agree to follow the Gym Connex Code of conduct and strive towards the 5 Gym Connex Virtues.


Aspire to become better every day. Measure your progress, adapt, and progress towards betterment.

I will seek to better myself every day. I will set goals and measure my progress against those goals.


Take care of your fellow members and treat them how you would want to be treated. Consider the cascading consequences of your actions.

I will treat others in my community the way I want to be treated. I will consider the consequences of my actions and act with care and compassion.


Serve your community to the best of your abilities. Give and in turn, you shall receive.

I will make myself available to and use my skills to serve my community to the best of my ability.


Be trustworthy in your actions. Integrity is what you do when no one is looking. Integrity is the mother of all Gym Connex virtues.

I will be truthful and honest in my words and my actions. I understand that my integrity is mine alone and will act to uphold it.


Be consistent in your actions, regardless of how you feel. Consistency breeds excellence.

I will remain consistent in my actions and not let temporary impulses distract me from my goals.

Meet the Team

Daniel Bergeron, Gym Connex Owner and CEO

Daniel  Bergeron
Owner / Co-Founder  

Chief Executive Officer

Adrianna Darlings, Gym Connex Owner and CFO
Adrianna Darling Owner /Co-Founder Chief Financial Officer

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