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How to Register your Gym

How to Register your Gym

Becoming a Host on Gym Connex is as easy as creating a Personal Profile.  Creating a profile on as a host, will provide you with the opportunity to see monetization of the space that you took pride in creating.

I love it, very accessible and close by to me. Very open with equipment and has everything you need, you have your own time with no one else around and very clean. Never disappointed. – Brianna Hull-Clarke

  • Log onto
  • Select “Register” on the tool bar and follow the steps to Register an account.
  • From your Dashboard, under your Profile Name select “Add New Listing.
  • Follow the steps to create a listing in your Profile.
  • Tell all of your friends, clients and contacts to check out your profile and book a time slot in your calendar.



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I grew up in a large family of all boys. Our father, was very old school and taught us the drive and work ethic to push ourselves to work hard, and be the best we could at everything we started. I began training as a young teenager and looking up to my big brother and my uncle as inspirations. I spent a few years competing, and found some success, placing First in my category at the Provincial level, and top 5 at the National Level. My passion for fitness, has driven me to help provide access to everyone that shared my passion.

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