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How to Host your Gym

How to Host your Gym

How to Host your Gym with Gym Connex:

Renting your Gym Space is a great way to be your own boss and earn some extra money.

Most home gyms are able to become rented gyms with our website:  here is what you need to know.

Temporary Current Covid-19 restrictions limit the use of Gym equipment inside of a personal home, but your Outdoor Training areas such as your Garage Gym or dedicated outdoor fitness area can be considered for renting quite easily.   If you have an indoor fitness area that is not considered a living area, that could also be considered (yoga studio, boxing gym for example).

Minimum requirements:

Be at least 18 years of age,

Have a valid Drivers License,

Have a banking account able to receive electronic transfers,

Use of an eligible area suitable for Fitness Training,

Ability to generate/acquire a suitable Waiver for the use of Fitness Equipment on your property, and it is suggested to get Short Term rental insurance on your property at this time; inquire with your local insurance broker for rates in your area.  Need Help?  Gym Connex can connect you with Brokers that can help get you the right price.

Eligible Training Areas:

Personal homes:

-Basement Gyms,

-Dedicated Rooms with equipment,

Outdoor training:


-Outdoor Crossfit/Obstacle training

-Tennis Courts

-Basketball Courts

-Personal Pools

Other areas that can also be rented with

-Yoga Studios

-Dance Studios

-Boxing Gyms

It’s easy to get started:

  1. Sign up online

Tell us about yourself and your workout area and equipment.  If you don’t have equipment, we’ll help you get some.

If your space needs some assistance to be set up for use by renters, including making it as safe as possible, we can also connect you with the expertise to make a perfect gym for your needs.

  1. Share your information:

We will need some information to set up your profile;

-Who you are, including your Driver’s licence.

-What kind of gym you want to offer,

-How you want to get paid,

-What kind of schedule you want to set up for your space to rent,

-Decide the cost for your space.  Not sure what to charge?  Gym Connex can help you figure that out, by offering info of gyms just like yours in the area.

  1. Activate your Hosting account:

On our website, when you have your space ready for rent- activate and make your appointments available to the public and Gym Connex will help you with the rest.

Gym Connex will connect people that have registered as a renter with your location.

What kind of requirements do renters have?

All renters require a Drivers Licence, and Valid Credit Card to able to rent your space.

Renters will also have ratings associated with them on their profile:  if a renter has poor reviews, you have the choice to accept their reservation or not.

If you have a Renter that didn’t abide by your rules set in your listing, you can provide that information back to Gym Connex, and after a few poor ratings, those users will be blocked from using our site permanently.

Getting your space ready for Rent?  Check out our blog:  “how to get your fitness space, renter ready in 5 steps.” for tips and contact information to get set up in style.



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